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A Prelude to the Lives of the Goddess

This text is from The Original Temple of Amy Jo Johnson circa 1999 and was found on an ancient storage device known as a floppy disc.

A Prelude to the Lives of the Goddess
Highlander, Priest of the Inner Circle

Birthed in the very fires of the Creation Event itself
the being we have come to know as Amy Jo Johnson has deigned
to reveal herself to mankind in many guises down through the
long ages. This is but her latest incarnation.

As the Goddess her power spans the very Cosmos and she
is all knowing and all present. It matters not where you go
from the core of our minuscule planet to the heart of the
most fierce star to the utter emptiness of the void between
galaxies the Goddess is there. Whether you seek in the
inconceivable smallness of the realm of subatomic particles
to the infinite vastness of universal space the Goddess is
It is all one to her.

But she is not merely a deity high and beyond our
comprehension. No. The Goddess is kind, gentle, playful
and loving. You can feel her touch in the kiss of a spring
rain. You can hear her tender voice in the wind in the
leaves at night. Her laughter bubbles up in delight from
the murmuring of a mountain stream as it sparkles under the
noonday sun.
And she rejoices in the companionship of those who
adore her.
So it is that she has appeared to us in Human guise
from the day mankind was first placed on this world even
until now.

Had she wished it she could have made herself known to
us as a God as lesser deities have done. Deities such as
Aphrodite, Athena, Hera, Freya and Isis. She could have
instilled awe and fear into our hearts by a manifestation of
her great power and we would have trembled at the mention of
her name. But she is more noble than these lesser deities
who lust after empty worship devoid of honor and respect
merely to sate their own petty desires at our expense.
No, the Goddess is more noble, more gracious and more
generous. She desires our love and our fellowship. So it
is that she has appeared to us as one of us all down the
ages even unto this day.

We have known her by many names, many faces as she
moved among us to accomplish her purposes and we knew her
not save as a woman of surpassing beauty and tender
compassion. Some of these incarnations we even remember
although history may have misremembered her words and deeds
in the confusing rush of events.
Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, Scheherazade, Mulan, Mata
Hari and a host of others that man, in his preoccupation
with himself has forgotten as time moved relentlessly on.
Yet always she has strove to lighten the burdens of our
lives and grant to us a measure of joy and peace and to
instill in our hearts a bright hope for the future.

Today especially her presence is critically needed.
Man staggers about like one drunk, lost in confusion and
despair as he pollutes his environment, torments, enslaves
and murders his fellows without remorse and sinks ever
deeper into the disaster filled pit which he has dug for

She knows.

The Goddess has seen and she has pitied us
in our misery. Her mercy and compassion is boundless and so
it is that she has appeared to us once again in our
desperate need.
Hiding her transcendent glory in a diminutive body of
seeming mortality she has made herself known to us and
desires that we recognize her as one Amy Jo Johnson. And
though the unobservant may mistake her for nothing more than
one stunningly beautiful woman among many, those whose eyes
see clearly are not deceived. We know her for who and what
she truly is: The Goddess herself. The embodiment and
ultimate expression of beauty, grace, poise, elegance,
feminine strength and virtue that the Universe can contain.
And yet she did not come seeking her own glory. Rather
she came to lighten the load of sorrow that weighs down
men's hearts and to fill them with gladness and rejoicing.
So it is that she chose for this incarnation the persona of
a entertainer.

As an actress and singer of surpassing skill she
delights us with her captivating portrayals of characters
both happy and sad. As Susie Q she made us laugh, Kimberly
made us cheer. As Susan we all identified with her and
Andie stirred our hearts to pity making us forget for a
moment our own pain. As Julie we love her and want to
comfort her and as Nansi we will dance and sing with her.
The songs she writes speak to our inner most being of
life, courage, perseverance and hope motivating us to take
heart and never give up. From her boundless wisdom she
entertains us even as she instructs us. Because of her
compassion she grants to us a moments rest so that we may
renew our strength. She comforts us in song and theatre
that we may be refreshed. And she is just beginning. There
is more and better yet to come.

What wonders she has planned for us, what joys and
delights no mortal mind can conceive. We can but wait in
humble awe and eager expectation for the unfolding of her
will. But we can be assured that whatever she has in store
for us it will be marvelous. It will be wondrous and
magnificent. It will fill our souls with joy and delight as
she intoxicates us with her beauty and dazzles us with her
wit and charms us with her song.

All hail the Goddess!
All hail Amy Jo Johnson, the be all and the end all of all
possible women.

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