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The Temple of Amy Jo Johnson is the largest Amy Jo Johnson image archive currently online.
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About The Temple

One of the Temple of Amy Jo Johnson's early images.

The Temple of Amy Jo Johnson was originally founded as The Temple of Amy Jo in the year of our Goddess, 1998 by the Temple's first Sovereign Head, Skywalker. The temple was first hosted by go.com but was moved to spaceports.com due to limitations in go.com's file management system.

On July 6th 1999 during a Doritos '99 Live/SonicNet Internet chat with Amy Jo Johnson, Sovereign Head Skywalker met Byker6969 and within a few short hours the two began collaborating on how to improve The Temple. Byker6969 then became the first Oblate brother of Amy Jo Johnson in the newly formed Order of Meridian.

The Temple closes in 2000
The two were joined by High Priest Highlander and they worked tirelessly to make the original Temple of Amy Jo the number one destination for Amy Jo Johnson fans worldwide. Byker6969 was rewarded for his hard work by being elevated to the post of Grand Prior and took the name Vader to commemorate his elevation in the order.

Unfortunately in early 2000 due to it's increasing popularity The Temple of Amy Jo Johnson soon lost it's spaceports web host due to alleged "excessive bandwidth" usage. The temple founders were very surprised by this action as they were originally assured that the new host had no file or bandwidth limitations. Sovereign Head Skywalker tried in vain to get the host to reverse it's decision but his pleas fell on deaf ears as the host's administrators simply quoted a "may terminate agreement at any time" clause in the host's terms of service.

Several new web hosts such as fortunecity, geocities, and tripod were considered and smaller versions of The Temple were beta tested but due to various limitations all of these free hosts were deemed unusable. With a heavy heart Sovereign Head Skywalker announced that The Temple of Amy Jo, a site that had over a million unique page views in less than a year, had officially closed it's doors for good. In the ensuing chaos all contact with High Priest Highlander was lost.

Great sadness in a time of loss.
Shortly after the Temple's closing three consecutive hard drive malfunctions erased almost every trace of The Original Temple of Amy Jo. "It was as if we had angered The Goddess Amy Jo and she had smitten thousands of our files in retribution for our lack of faith. We desperately needed to find a way to redeem ourselves in the eyes of our Goddess" said Sovereign Head Skywalker.
The next several months were spent searching the web for any trace of the lost temple files. Ironically, many of the files were retrieved from thieves who had looted the original Temple and had posted the files on their own sites without permission. "It was a lesson that I believe Amy Jo wanted us to learn, these looters that I had such a disdain for would be the ones who would end up, unknown to them, saving a great deal of our most treasured files. Everything happens for a reason" said Grand Prior Vader in a 2002 chat transcript.

After The Temple closed Sovereign Head Skywalker and Grand Prior Vader remained dedicated to spreading the word of Amy Jo for most of the next decade using peer to peer file sharing applications such as KaZaA, Bit Torrent and the Usenet. Although these peer to peer type networks were good for the distribution of Amy Jo images, videos and music they were not efficient in meeting the spiritual needs of the many Amy Jo Johnson worshipers worldwide.

Amy Jo returns to glory.
In April of 2010 frustrated by the lack of quality Amy Jo Johnson fan sites available on the world wide web, Grand Prior Vader had what he describes as a religious calling or spiritual vision. Not sure if this vision was from Amy Jo, a divine messenger, or from within himself he contacted Sovereign Head Skywalker for spiritual council and informed him of his intention to rebuild The Temple. Sovereign Head Skywalker gave Grand Prior Vader his full blessing and the new Temple of Amy Jo Johnson was born. The day to day operations of the new temple will be run by Grand Prior Vader, Sovereign Head Skywalker will focus on file acquisition, research and prayer services.

The new Temple of Amy Jo Johnson's primary mission is to give Amy Jo Johnson worshipers a place of refuge and hope, an Internet safe haven from other celebrity temptation as well as Amy Jo Johnson education programs. Unique for our expertise in Amy Jo Johnson faith and Amy Jo Johnson obsession issues, we also offer spiritual counsel for Amy Jo Johnson fans who request it, as well as training for potential Amy Jo Johnson faith leaders.