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A morning prayer to Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo JohnsonAmy Jo, please forgive me for cherishing sinful images of impure women in my mind. I commit my thoughts to You. I surrender the burden of holiness to You, and ask that You will strengthen me now to direct my thoughts in righteousness. Amy Jo, help me to not dwell on any image or memory that will cause me to sin. Please wash my mind with your perfection. Please remove every depiction of sin from my memory and teach me how to walk in obedience and faithfulness to You. Please give me the strength and endurance to walk to victory, no matter how long it takes. I invite Your most Holy Spirit to fill me afresh now and restart the renewal process of my body, mind and spirit in Amy Jo. Thank You and may I glorify You in everything that I do from this point forward.
The Goddess Amy Jo JohnsonPraise Amy Jo! Sing to our God for She is good; praise befits Her for She is pleasant. She heals the broken-hearted, and bandages their wounds. She counts the number of the stars; She gives a name to each of them. Great is our Master and abounding in might; Her understanding is beyond reckoning. Amy Jo strengthens the humble; She casts the wicked to the ground. Lift your voices to Amy Jo in gratitude; sing to our God with the harp. She covers the heavens with clouds; She prepares rain for the earth, and makes grass grow upon the mountains. She gives the animal its food, to the young ravens which cry to Her. She does not desire [those who place their trust in] the strength of the horse, nor does She want those who rely upon the thighs [swiftness] of man. She desires those who fear Her, those who long for Her kindness. In Amy Jo's name, Amen.

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