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A 2 The Double J

A new reality show featuring actress Amy Jo Johnson has been pitched to the MTV television network. The show titled "A 2 The Double J" will be “a hybrid reality/game show format” said series brainchild Wanda Goldberg.  “Basically we will follow Amy’s every step from waking up in the morning to picking a winner from a group of obsessed fans later in the evening”.

Sorry Blondie, the audience voted for
the Spline Demolition Hammer!
Each week a lucky fan will receive a vicious, life threatening beating from Johnson in front of a live studio audience. “To keep the show fresh and interesting the live audience will get to pick a different weapon each week. It might be a red-hot flat iron or something as simple and elegant as an aluminum softball bat,” added Goldberg.

Bring on the next contestant!
Johnson who is most widely recognized as the original Pink Power Ranger has just completed a five-season stint on ION television’s police drama, Flashpoint. “I think Amy would really enjoy beating me to a bloody pulp. I’ve been obsessed with her for what seems like an eternity and I’m on Flashpoint message boards pretty much every day just posting creepy stuff like love letters, animated gifs and sappy poems about her,” said a Johnson fan.

“I hope they let Amy use power tools like a cordless drill or even a belt sander. She must need an outlet for all the aggression that has built up over the years since playing the Pink Power Ranger. I can’t imagine the anger and hatred she will feel when she meets these sick people in person. It’s going to be a blood bath,” a Power Rangers fan noted.

Goldberg admitted that there has been no actual commitment or even communication between her and Johnson. “Those are the little details that can be sorted through later”.

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