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Strange Lights Follow Amy Jo Johnson

It seems a series of strange lights have been seen following actress Amy Jo Johnson in recent television appearances. "Sometimes it's blue light then it changes into yellow or green orbs and I've even seen combinations of blue and green light at the same time," said long time Johnson fan Noah Gettenany.

"What is not known is if these lights are adversarial in nature, are they a precursor to some sort of attack possibly launched by Winona Ryder fans or are they harmless beams of light generated by Johnson herself?" asked a key grip on a local public access television show."

"It's quite possible that Amy is just bored with the scripts and she is using some form of telekinesis to create orbs of pulsating light to amuse herself on set," said a long time Flashpoint fan.

"The mysterious lights look very similar to the random lights that were seen in the Star Trek re-boot film. A film that Winona Ryder had a role in. So yeah you could say there is a reason to worry," added a guy we met at a local lighting rental place. "If nothing else the lights make you think. They really make you think about lights,” he said.

Below is evidence of the strange lights.

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