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Amy Jo Johnson Shrine Raided!

Police in Brazil stunned to find tribute to former Pink Power Ranger

By Dick Hardwood

Is no one immune to the charms of Amy Jo Johnson? Armed police in Brazil who raided the home of a notorious drugs trafficker discovered a shrine to the former Pink Power Ranger, featuring a mural bearing the legend 'Amy Jo Johnson, The Perfect Body' – a reference to one of her films.

Police said that the raid on the Rio de Janeiro home of the gang boss known as Deigo was "worryingly calm". They had expected to face resistance and gunfire, but instead they were met by the bizarre sight of the mural and another wall covered in posters of the former Pink Power Ranger.

"I've never seen anything like it," police spokesman Joao Braga.

The raid on Deigo’s home, which boasted a rooftop pool and wide-screen TVs in every room, was part of an unprecedented operation to try and clean up the Rio slum district of Complexo do Alemao before the 2014 World Cup. In addition to the Johnson tribute, police discovered 11 tons of marijuana and an arsenal of weapons after storming the favela.

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