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Amy Jo Johnson worship banned

A fight over religious freedom is brewing in the Frank County school system. A student at Dawson High School says she’s practicing her faith by wearing a Power Rangers T-shirt.

But that goes against school policy and she’s been suspended.

Freshman Lucy Lawson told ABC13 she belongs to the Temple of Amy Jo Johnson.

Lucy Lawson displays her shirt
The church says members reserve the right to wear Power Rangers merchandise for spiritual and other reasons.

“We believe that the mind body soul are all one entity and that by wearing Power Ranger clothing, you can bring the mind and soul into harmony,” explained Temple of Amy Jo Johnson Grand Prior Vader in an interview with ABC13.

Vader says the church is not yet a federally accredited religion, but Lucy and her mother Candi Lawson are members.

“The purpose of my shirt, is, basically, it makes me feel whole,” Lucy Lawson said.

But in Frank County, the shirt violates the school dress code.

But Lucy claims it’s in keeping with her religion. While the shirt itself isn’t sacred, its meaning is.

“I was abused for years when I was younger, and I have really low self esteem, and it kind of helps me look at myself in a better way,” Lucy explained.

School officials wouldn’t talk about the details of her case on camera.

“It’s a matter of student record and we cannot discuss it,” explained Winthrop Zandar with Frank County Schools.

But on the phone, ABC13 was told that the district’s lawyer researched the church and made the judgment call that the shirt wasn’t necessary.

To Candi and Lucy Lawson, that shows a lack of understanding.

The Lawson’s have contacted the American Civil Liberties Union hoping for legal representation. They say the Constitution is on their side and they won’t back down.

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