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Man Buys Power Ranger Soap

Bath Soap
A local man recently purchased Power Rangers bath soap from the popular website Ebay in a pathetic attempt to smell like the former Pink Power Ranger, actress Amy Jo Johnson. "I was really wasted and surfing through Ebay when I came across the soap. It had the buy it now option for only $19.99 and had free shipping so it seemed like a good idea" said the admitted pervert. "I think mankind in general greatly overlooks the sense of smell. We all know what the pink ranger looks like and what she sounds like but how many of us can say we know what she smells like. I'm just guessing but I bet it's under a thousand people. By lathering up my soaking wet body with the official soap I hoped to join that small group of lucky people" added the man.

The broken communicator
When questioned if he had used the Power Rangers soap the man said "Well sort of, I brought the soap into the tub but couldn't bring myself to open the package because it would lose value as a Power Rangers collectable, so I just rubbed the package all over my body" said the man. "I'm hoping the seller puts up another bar of Power Rangers soap because if I can get a second bar I'll definitely open it up and show the Pink Ranger some sudsy bath time love."

When asked about any other plans he may have to connect with the fictional television character the man explained "I had already bought a replica Pink Power Ranger communicator with the hope it would let me talk to the original Pink Ranger but I guess it got broken in the mail because it doesn't let me talk to any of the Power Rangers. Not even that fake second pink ranger that nobody really liked. To be honest, I'd have been happy if it had just let me talk to Alpha 5" added the self proclaimed super fan.

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