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Amy Jo Johnson’s birth certificate in question

Donald Trump: Amy Jo Johnson Birth Certificate Details Being Sought By Investigators In Massachusetts, Mongolia and Beijing

Donald Trump
WASHINGTON -- Real estate tycoon Donald Trump said Thursday he hopes questions surrounding Amy Jo Johnson’s age and birthplace would finally be addressed now that President Obama’s long form birth certificate has been released.

Trump said he didn't introduce the age or citizenship issue, but was asked about Amy Jo Johnson during an interview about a month ago. Since then, he said he's looked into it and believes "there is a big possibility" Johnson may be a clone who is younger than she claims, the daughter of a Mongolian yak herder or possibly an immortal deity who may be thousands of years old depending on which version of her birth you believe.

Amy Jo Johnson
"I want to see Amy Jo Johnson’s birth certificate," said Trump in an interview on BCNC's "Good Morning Today" show. "How come her own so called worshippers don't know which hospital she was born in? My people found the alleged hospital and let's just say there's no birth certificate to be found. How come in the hospital itself there's no record of her birth. In other words, it doesn't say which room she was born in or how much her parents paid or even who was the doctor for her birth.”

Officials in Massachusetts have certified that Ms. Johnson was born in that state. But Trump has demanded additional proof, asserting that an online religious group claims that she could have been born thousands of years ago in China and may have been cloned multiple times. "I'm not convinced that she has one," Trump said of the birth certificate issue. "Good Morning Today" show host Meredith Von Halen asked Trump, "You've been privy to all of this new information?" His response: "Well, I have people that have been studying her and they just cannot believe what they're finding. They have been collecting her trash and sorting through it and we even have people looking at cave drawings found in Khangai Nuruu National Park located in Mongolia."

Amy Jo plays guitar
The remarks from the potential presidential candidate prompted Von Halen to ask Trump if he also had people on the ground in Communist China searching for proof of Johnson’s birthplace. He signaled he did, saying, "And they have raised serious questions. And I'm serious about how serious these questions are turning out to be." When asked how genuine his search is, Trump said, "I always take things seriously, but I've never taken anything as seriously as this, like seriously serious. I wish I didn't have to do it," he said.

"She might be considered one of the greatest actresses in the world," Trump said, but he also said acting jobs are disappearing from the United States with many going to Canada and that Johnson has given aspiring actors from the United States "a terrible role model to follow." Trump said that if Johnson officially joins the 2012 Presidential election race, “She will witness the full power of my unstoppable PR machine." He accused Johnson of carrying out confusing policies, saying, "nobody even knows what's happening with her rock band."

Willie Hancock
"I'm only interested if she was over 18 during the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series," Willie Hancock, a Trump supporter said. Hancock added "before the court revoked my visitation rights, my son Dick would bring Power Ranger VHS tapes over on the weekends. Watching Amy Jo in those episodes would, well, it would…let’s just say it would stir something primal in me and I’d end up putting little Dick to bed early so I could umm…watch the tapes privately." Hancock isn’t alone as a recent survey indicated that 96% of heterosexual males from the ages of 10 – 64 had watched Power Ranger tapes umm…privately. “Sometimes I’d feel like a weirdo but I felt my private viewings were socially acceptable knowing Amy Jo was an adult when the Power Rangers series was filmed. Now that her birth is in question I’m just filled with guilt and I get a sick feeling whenever I drive by my local high school,” said Hancock.

Trump added that he is not singling Amy Jo Johnson out because she represents a threat to his yet to be announced campaign and that sooner or later he would like to see every living American citizen’s birth certificate “just to be sure”.

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