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Mail Bag

We get some weird emails.
We thought we should share some of the most memorable ones.

Dear Temple of Amy Jo Johnson,
You suck!!!

I'm really not sure how to respond to this one.

you guys need to post more pix an vids an less stoopid storys cuz i aint got time to scrool by all the stoopid things so put up more pix or i aint comming to this site anymore by the way i know u aint amy jo johnston  ur fake

Yes we are not Amy Jo Johnston, you busted us good! Now as to your scrolling issue, you could click the pics link on the left side of this site or you could start your own site that doesn't scroll.

Dear Amy,
You looked so hot when you were pregnant with your milk filled breasts and that sexy glow that pregnant girls have. God that was so hot. I think pregnant girls are hotter than skinny girls and if you want me to I could make you pregnant again and I'd have no problem sexing you up all the way up to when you are ready to deliver! If you want to hook up with me email me back because I have rock hard abs, I hit the gym like five times a week and I know how to make great babies.

The rock hard abs are tough to pass up

I like this site but you should post pics of other hot women.

ummm...you did notice that the site is called The Temple of Amy Jo Johnson, didn't you?

Stop posting $#it about Winnona Ryder or we will take you down!

It's Winona you dumb a$$.

Jesus said not to worship celebrities so you all are going to burn in hell. I know who god is and trust me he aint the pink ranger! So when you all die in a fire or a car wreck don't ask why.

We promise not to ask any questions after we die.

Why do you guys use stupid star wars names like Vader and Skywalker?

It's a nod to the mid to late nineties when everyone on the net had an alias or screen name. It's sort of the opposite of all this "targeted social media" crap people do on Facebook and Twitter. Oh and we also use them because they are absurd, just like most of this blog. So pick a stupid Star Wars name and join The Order!

How come the pic at the top doesn't change anymore?


That picture of Amy on your site's banner is fake. I doubt Amy would approve of it.

The picture doesn't change anymore because...well...have you looked at it? It's AMAZING! Amy has her own site and she can decide what pictures go on that site. You may call our banner a fake but we call it ART. It's technically a photo manipulation and it's damn impressive in our opinion. So until we find something more impressive it's not going to change.

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