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Amy Jo Johnson's face in a buritto

HOLY guacamole! A East Hobart man has discovered the image of Amy Jo Johnson on a store-bought tortilla.

Unemployed actor Lloyd Brownstone told Global News Daily that the flatbread rose from the dead earlier this week.

"It came out of a packet on Wednesday night,'' he said. "My wife had the packet open for a few days and had actually thrown it out. I hadn’t eaten in a couple days due to my unemployment insurance running out so I resurrected it from the bin. I don’t normally eat garbage but it was still in the packet, and I opened it up and took one out and that was on it to my amusement."

On seeing the unusual markings, his first thought was that the face he could see was almost unmistakable.

Lloyd Brownstone and his unusual flatbread
"Could it be Amy Jo Johnson? Whether it's a message from one thespian to another I don't know. Maybe I should put in a shrine for Order of Meridian pilgrims to come and visit."

Mr Brownstone said he had no immediate plans to eat or sell his unusual tortilla, which was bought at a Rocky Bay supermarket.

"What do you do with it? Should I see if it brings me luck, maybe a job? " he said.

"We've wrapped it up to try to keep it as fresh as possible. I'm going to see how it unfolds."

Mr Brownstone said he might buy a lotto ticket or bet on a football match to see if the tortilla brings him luck.

Images of Amy Jo Johnson have appeared in food before.

In 1998 New Mexico woman Maria Romero noticed skillet marks on her tortilla resembling the face of Amy Jo Johnson.

More than 8000 Order of Meridian pilgrims went to her house to view what they regarded as a sacred icon.

And in 2004, the image of Amy Jo Johnson in a toasted cheese sandwich fetched $US24,000 on eBay.

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