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Mexican faithful attribute miracles to Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo Johnson
The exhibition of personal effects of actress Amy Jo Johnson, in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey, has led some Mexican faithful to attribute new miracles to the former pink Power Ranger and current Flashpoint star.
"People who come here feel very touched and even moved to tears. They say that they feel the presence of Amy Jo Johnson," Order of Meridian member Guillermo Santoro, whose organization put together the exhibit, told GNN.

Marble replica hand
"Many people who are ill have come here," Santoro said, noting the case of a woman suffering pain in one of her arms, which she pressed against the marble replica of one of Amy Jo Johnson’s hands, and asked the actress to help her get better.

"The woman later returned to give thanks to Amy Jo Johnson because the problem she was suffering from had gone away," Santoro said.

Miracle goat
The exibit's director also mentioned the case of an elderly woman whose baby goat was suffering from an illness that doctors believed would cause its premature death. Meridian leaders suggested the woman pray at the same time that Flashpoint was on television.

The woman, who did not own a television, went to pray at the local electronics store and "with all the faith in the world," she asked Amy Jo to perform a miracle for her baby goat, Santoro said.
The woman recently returned to the exhibition to thank Amy Jo because her goat is still alive and its illness has disappeared.

Santoro said that the faithful pray, cry, bring DVDs, old VHS tapes and even autographed photographs and place them before some of the 150 belongings of Amy Jo that have been on display since April 24.
The exhibition has been visited by approximately 100,000 people, both from northern Mexico and from the nearby southwest of the United States.

Among the objects in the exhibit are the pink shorts and roller blades worn by Amy Jo Johnson in Power Rangers The Movie, a guitar she used while recording The Trans American Treatment, a bicycle she once rode to a convenience store to pick up a pack of Marlboro Lights, a baseball cap, an official WB network umbrella, a garden hose used by the actress during a photo shoot, a basketball used in the film Susie Q and designer sun glasses that she wore during a golf tournament.

Agua Bendita de Baño
The exhibition was scheduled to end last June 27 during the annual Agua Bendita de Baño, an aquatic ceremony conducted in a cave filled with Amy Jo Johnson’s bath water which has been collected from around the globe. Each year worshipers are encouraged to bring a small amount of soil that Amy has walked on to the cave, sprinkle some of the soil into the bath water and then submerge themselves for total purification. The Order of Meridian has been asked by the local government to keep the exhibit open until March 2012.

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  1. Agua Bendita de Baño is an amazing ceremony. Once I was submerged in Amy Jo's bath water I felt completely renewed! Wonderful, just wonderful!