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Television star may have been attacked by a werewolf

Police are looking for a suspect that may have used a costume to possibly attack American born actress Amy Jo Johnson. According to a witness account, the creature looked like a big dog.

Witness sketch
The inhabitants of São Sepé, Rio Grande do Sul, [Brazil] have one more reason to fear Friday the 13th. Besides the bad luck and the strange happenings during that day, a ‘werewolf’ is supposedly at large. One of the possible victims, Flashpoint star Amy Jo Johnson.

Visible werewolf scratch
According to the police, Amy Jo Johnson may have been attacked during the night of August 13 by an animal that looked like a big dog that was standing on its back feet and walked as if it were a man. A witness made a sketch of the creature.

According to the complaint, the creature scratched the chest and may have bitten the neck of the actress. The police informed Global News Daily that Johnson refused medical examination but recent photos of the actress have confirmed the injuries. Officers also claim they will investigate if someone is using a werewolf costume to scare people. No suspect was arrested as of Friday.

In the rural area of Tauá, Ceará, locals asked for police help in July 2008, scared with sightings of an individual “half man and half wolf” that was stealing sheep and breaking into houses.

At the time, the police investigated the case, suspecting that a gang was using costumes to scare the locals and commit the crimes.

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